Center Line Electro Panthers had a great 2018 FIRST Robotics season! The team consisted of 24 students who pulled together to plan, design, fabricate, and refine a robot to compete in this years Power Up Game! During their first competition located at Center Line they played well enough to advance to both quarter and semi-finals! All team members showed up to help and support the drive team through some rigorous and competitive matches. The drive team did not disappoint! They earned an overall score of 31 ranking points!

To top it all off The Electro Panthers were presented with one of the 8 prestigious judges awards! There were 40 teams present at the competition and out of all the teams the Panthers were chosen for the Excellence in Engineering Sponsored by Delphi, which celebrates an elegant and advantageous machine feature. Judges stated they were impressed that our students could both describe and demonstrate the mechanics of our linear elevator, which was made possible by our custom lead screw design.

Kyle Abbott of the Abrams Foundation is our sponsor, but more than granting us funding she cares about the kids in Center Line and has truly adopted us. Her dedication to running the Abrams Foundation is literally life changing for our students. – Donna Giacona, Center Line Public Schools

2018 Team Photos

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Previous Team Photos 2016-2017

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