Congratulations Riley, Breanna and Sophia!

Congratulations to Riley, Breanna and Sophia who were awarded the  2021 Spirit of Philanthropy Award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Greater Detroit. Thank you to Leader Dogs for nominating the girls for their dedication and service.

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Making A Difference

The Abrams Foundation is a family Foundation endowed by the late Talbert “Ted” Abrams and his wife Leota in the 1960’s.   We’re proud to remain a Foundation whose Board of Directors is staffed 100% by members of Ted and Leota’s family, now consisting of the third and fourth generation.

The Foundation initially focused its support on science and education projects in Michigan. With time, our multigenerational board has expanded into very diverse areas of grant making. While we continue to honor Ted and Leota’s generous and innovative spirit, we are also committed to the development of new partnerships.  Each Board member has developed new relationships based on personal areas of interest, and the Board is invested in each grant it makes.

In addition to Ted’s original grant to build The Abrams Planetarium at Michigan State University, other notable grants include the $2 million dollar Abrams Genealogy Collection at the Michigan Archives and the Parenting Program Resource Room at Beaumont Hospital.  Current giving relationships include programs to educate new parents, high school robotics, hunting and fishing for the disabled,  and assisting with the everyday needs of young families battling cancer.  We are proud of the passion and dedication each of our grantees exhibit and hope you will take time to learn more about what they do!

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