Unsolicited Grant requests are not accepted at this time. We currently provide grants to select organizations. If you are one of the recipients chosen to receive a grant from The Abrams Foundation, please make sure you include the following items with your grant request.

Grant Application Requirements

With the grant application, the following documents should be submitted:

  1. Detailed budget
  2. Accounting of expenditures from last year’s grant (if any)
  3. A description of how the prior year’s grant monies accomplished the purpose for which they were granted.
  4. IRS exemption letter.
  5. Annual Report for State of Michigan (this is the single page form that is required each year)
  6. Current operating budget for program for which the grant is sought (this is so larger organization, such as Beaumont, aren’t burdened with providing us their entire organization’s operating budget)
  7. Form 990
  8. State of Michigan Charitable Solicitation License.

If you have been selected by The Abrams Foundation and asked to complete an application, your Board Member Contact will provide you a password to download the Application from the following page.