Unsolicited Grant requests are not accepted at this time. We currently provide grants to select organizations. If you are one of the recipients chosen to receive a grant from The Abrams Foundation, please make sure you include the following items with your grant request.

Grant Application Requirements

In order for your grant request to be considered:

– Grant Application must be submitted in a timely fashion
– All sections of the Application set forth must be addressed
– All supporting documents must be provided (see below)
    – Each document in submission must be a separate .pdf file
– Submit via hard copy or PDF only.
    – Password protected documents will be rejected.

If you have been selected by The Abrams Foundation and asked to complete an application, your Board Member Contact will provide you a password to download the Application from the following page.

Current Grantees

 A Year End Report is Due: January 31, 2023 

Please review the report requirementments on the following page.  A password to access this page will be provided to all grantees.